Where do you deliver? 

Rock N Rolls deliver lunch orders all over the Philadelphia area excluding the northeast/ west oaklane region.  

Rock N Rolls deliver  Party Trays up to a 20 mile radius of area code 19079.  

*If there are any problems with your delivery someone from our staff will contact you promptly to further assist.  

What is a scheduled lunch order? 

Rock N Rolls offers the option to schedule a lunch order for the next day between the delivery times of Mon- Fri 10:30am-2:30pm. Orders are limited and  filled on a first come first serve basis. Please keep in mind that desired delivery times are not guaranteed. Depending on order demands customers should give or take a half hour grace period for all deliveries. Staff will work diligently to get your delivery to you as close to your delivery time as possible and will contact you promptly with order updates and alerts.  

How can I order a lunch order? 

Lunch orders can be places online  

Lunch orders can be placed on Uber Eats  

Lunch orders orders can be placed on Grub Hub 

How can I place a party tray order?  

Party tray orders can be placed online or by emailing our event coordinator at rocknrollsphilly@gmail.com 


How can I place a wholesale order? 

For wholesale options please contact us at rocknrollsphilly@gmail.com 

How do I get Rock N Rolls to cater my next private or large scale event? 

For all event catering options contact us at rocknrollsphilly@gmail.com 

How do I keep up with Rock N Rolls public event/ festival schedule? 

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to keep up with our public events.  


What Kind of oil is used to fry egg rolls? 

Vegetable oil is used for all frying.  

Are seafood egg rolls fried in separate fryer? 

Yes, all shelled seafood options are fried in a separate fryer.  

How do I contact Rock N Rolls? 

All customer service inquiries should be sent to rocknrollsphilly@gmail.com and given 24hrs for response. 


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